We often help clients resolve divorce cases through mediation—a positive and sensible alternative to litigation for many people. Our attorneys can represent clients in mediation proceedings, or serve as third-party neutrals for parties who already have legal representation.

A Licensed Florida Mediator Can Facilitate Amicable Solutions in Divorce Cases

Mediation is a process by which an impartial third party, known as a “neutral” or simply a “mediator,” facilitates an agreement between divorcing spouses during their dissolution proceeding. In Florida, all divorce cases require the parties to attend at least one mediation session. Prior to the session, the parties and their attorneys should meet several times, and prepare almost like a trial. This is because many important issues, such as child custody, child support, alimony and property distribution, may be discussed and negotiated during the meeting.

The selection of a skilled mediator is very important to the success of the process. Heather Schwartz Karmeris, managing partner at Karmeris Family Law is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and has extensive experience helping parties resolve disputes through pre-trial mediation. Her experience also gives her special insight into matters of child custody, parenting plans and time sharing.

Benefits of Mediation

Family law mediation is a moderated process to amicably resolve family disputes. There are many benefits associated with using alternative dispute resolution to settle divorce and other family law matters, including:

  • It is generally less expensive than litigation.
  • It often produces faster settlements than litigation.
  • Parties are often more satisfied with solutions that have been mutually agreed upon than with determinations made by a court.
  • Parties who have reached their own agreement are also more likely to comply with its terms.
  • It is confidential, which means parties may be more willing to discuss sensitive issues.
  • Mediation lessens resentments, clears the air, and reconciles opposing views, enabling parties to better interact with each other—if necessary—after divorce.

To enjoy the full benefits of mediation, it is essential to consult and retain an experienced family law attorney. Fair and equitable settlements cannot be reached if parties do not understand their legal rights or the strengths and weaknesses of their cases. Furthermore, a judge must ultimately approve the terms of a divorce settlement, and is much more likely to approve a settlement if both parties were represented by counsel and presumably aware of their legal rights.

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Excellent attorney! Very knowledgeable, aggressive and professional but compassionate at the same time. Highly recommend!

Gus Saridis

Heather K. has been a huge pleasure to work with. From the moment I first spoke to her, I knew that she was passionate about what she does and would do her best to help navigate me throughout my process and with my concerns. I am both...

Tatianna Gonzales

Heather - thank you for representing my brother in his divorce. Your professionalism and expert advice were greatly appreciated. It was really great how you were able to be a strong advocate for my brother while being sensitive and...

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She is the best, very responsible, a hustle woman she’s always there for you. I recommend her big time she fight my Case like I was one of her family members she get to the trial so prepare when you hire her you feel like you have an...

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Heather is very responsive and much more reasonably priced than other divorce attorneys in South Florida. She makes sure to give her clients individual attention, and is very well versed in the law. I highly recommend her!

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