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Parents Fightinh while Son is Listening Most people never expect to divorce, and they certainly do not make specific plans for it. Emotional turmoil, combined with a lack of knowledge about the process, can lead to poor decisions that adversely affect your life and your finances for years to come. If you are facing a divorce, face it with a family law attorney who will work to protect your rights and help you move forward with your life. At The Law Offices of Heather S. Karmeris, PLLC, we are experienced divorce attorneys dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights and helping them make a successful transition to their future.

Deep Experience in Divorce and Marital Property Division

Our knowledgeable attorneys have practiced exclusively in divorce and family law. Our in-depth background working in the family courts gives us a clear understanding of how the local judges in each county are likely interpret the law in situations involving:

We handle complex-asset divorces involving high profile clients. We also have experience in the special considerations of military divorce. Beyond this, The Law Offices of Heather S. Karmeris, PLLC is represents clients throughout the Palm Beach area and beyond in advocacy in divorce and custody.

Finding the Right Solution for You

We always work to obtain the outcome that is best for you and your children. We will sit down with you and discuss your situation, your goals and where you want to be in the future. We will then work to achieve those goals using the most appropriate legal strategy, whether that is negation, mediation or collaborative law. If you and your spouse have few assets to fight over or agree on all aspects of property, custody and support, we can also explore uncontested divorce.

Sometimes going to court is the best strategy or the only recourse. We are aggressive trial attorneys who will protect your interests and those of your children in contested divorce proceedings.

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Client Reviews
I offer the highest possible recommendation for Heather Martin. I can not say enough good things about her, she definitely exceeded my expectations. She was responsive to my questions and I never had to "wonder" what was happening with my case, she always kept me informed of the status. I would not hesitate to hire her again for any of my legal needs, she was a pleasure to work with during such a difficult time for my family. Thank you, Heather. David
Hands down best decision i have ever made was hiring Heather! Trevail
Heather is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and personable. I would highly recommend this attorney. Anamaria Taitt